Carlow Castle

Lee Matthews – There’s Irish In Our Eyes


Ed Mooney Photography

Carlow Castle (1) Carlow Castle from the West side veiw

Some of you might remember my visit to St. Mullins recently, well on the way I passed through Carlow town and spotted a part of this Castle rising up above the towns rooftops in the distance. And so my curiosity got the better of me as it does, I just had to take a detour and  check it out. It’s quite easy to find, just a short distance from the river Barrow.  Carlow Castle rests on what was once a large rock like island surrounded by Marshlands and flood water from the nearby river. In fact the original name for Carlow, Ceatharlach in Gaelic means ‘stone-on-the-lake’. And that’s exactly what the site of this Norman era Castle would have looked like prior to its construction in the 13th century. With its natural defensive features this was without a doubt the perfect place…

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