Diseart Diarmada & the Romanesque Arch

Lee Matthews – “That Country Girl

Ed Mooney Photography

Diseart Diarmada 1

Hidden away in the small village of Castledermot in Kildare you will find a surprising mass of historical sites with a heritage that goes back over 1200 years. Castledermot or Diseart Diarmada to give it its original Gaelic name, means ‘Dermot’s Hermitage’. It started its life as an early Christian monastic settlement which was said to have been founded by a St. Diarmait back around 800 A.D. As with many of these early Christian saints, names and dates can easily get mixed up over time, but Diarmait was believed to have been a grandson Áed Róin King of the ancient kingdom of Ulaid,  (Modern day Ulster). Whilst most of what we know about Castledermot’s past comes from Annála na gCeithre Máistrí or Annals of the Four Masters as they are best known now. These annals were written in medieval times by a number of monks. It is said…

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