Isis, Lady of Fire


Lady of Light & Flame
Lady of Light & Flame

Happy May Day and Blessings of Beltane to all who celebrate. In honor of that Festival of Fire, I bring you this post about Our own Lady of Holy Fire…for Isis is a fiery Goddess indeed.

Just as it does at Beltane, in ancient Egypt, fire could represent life and renewal—both very Isiac concepts, as you know.

For examples, during his rejuvenating Sed festival, the king kindled a “new” fire that symbolized his magically renewed life.

The Sun was known to be a living fire Whose birthplace and home is the Isle of Fire. The protective uraeus serpent Who coils on the brow of Re, as well as other Deities and royals, spits poisonous fire and fiery light comes forth from Her throat. Many Goddesses took the form of this fire-spitting serpent, among Them, from an early period, Isis.

A lake of fire in the Egyptian underworld guarded by the baboons of Thoth
A lake of fire in the…

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