Isis, Great of Magic


Heka, the God Magic
Heka, the God Magic, with His characteristic crossed serpent wands.

Great of Magic. The Enchantress. Lady of Words of Power. What does it mean that Isis bears these (and so many more) epithets having to do with magic? And what do we mean by magic, anyway?

You probably already know that the ancient Egyptian word that we translate as “magic” is heka. In Egypt, heka was in no way supernatural, that is, above nature. Indeed, Heka (the God) and heka (the force) were the very foundation of the natural world. In at least one myth, the God Heka, Magic personified, is the Being first made by the Creator, so Heka’s power is infused in every Deity and every thing that comes after Him.

The Deities, of course, are the most potent wielders of heka, though humanity has its portion, given to us “to ward off the blow of…

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