On The Alcis Twins – The Heroic Horse-Twins Of Another Name


Our field is one wherein so often, we find fundamental contiguity of Essence – obscurated via the seeming diversity of transposed expression. So it is with the Alcis pairing.

These are described in Tacitus as being akin to the Classical Castor & Pollux – the Helping Hero (Horse) twins known also variously as the Asvins and the Nasatyas of the Vedic sphere. Dioscuri and Divo Napata – the Sons of Heaven/Dyaus/Rudra.

In the Germanic sphere, we have attestations for Hengist and Horsa, of course, as descended of Odin – yet these come far later and via euhemerized account written by the then-vanquished enemies of the Anglo-Saxon invasion. And do not quite match up with what little is known to us of the Alcis, despite obviously all of these descending from this same common Proto-Indo-European origin.

The major approaches to ‘unlocking’ the meaning of the Alcis have understandably been linguistic. They…

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