Isis the Enchantress


Golden Isis by Jane Marin. You can buy a copy here.
Golden Isis by Jane Marin. You can buy a copy here.

Are you feeling enchanted these days? Disenchanted? A sense that things are alive and bright? A sense that they are flat and dull?

When the practicalities of life take up all of our attention, it is hard to feel the Mystery. We might feel disconnected from the magic, the wonder, the deep beauty of life—as well as the veiled expressions of mysterious Reality that lie beyond and interpenetrating it. Some have called this sense a disenchantment of the world and have fervently wished for a re-enchantment.

This heart-cry for re-enchantment is not new. We human beings have long complained about the world’s disenchantment. German sociologist Max Weber famously decried it in the early 1900s and before him Freidrich Schiller in the early 1800s. No doubt the discussion goes back much farther than that, too.

The disenchanted Max Weber
The disenchanted Max Weber

I first read the term in the…

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