The Sunday Post – Ragnar’s Shield

Barry Devlin – Mud On The Tyres


Ed Mooney Photography


A brief moment captured on another manic Sunday in the Ruinhunters castle. Don’t ask how but my wife’s friend managed to acquire this little gem, the actual shield used by Ragnar Lodbrok aka Travis Grinnell, from season 3 of the Vikings. Looks great doesn’t it?
Well she was kind enough to drop over with it for me to play with for a while. Sadly I was not able to find a suitable Viking axe or sword to complete the ensamble. Oh the memories, as many regular readers will know, in a previous life I was a medieval reenactor which I thouroghly enjoyed for a number of years, cut and bruises included.
I must say, although the shield is a mere tv prop and would never stand up to some full contact blows, it has been made to perfection complete with Bose and a shoulder strap. If only I had my…

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